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What our students are saying

Shanna Court

I remembered walking through the doors for my first every lesson I was so nervous. However as time progress I became calmer around training even started looking forward to it. Now a year on and I can’t believe how far I’ve come, how all of us have come so far .action training academy has given me such a great advantage that I will be thankful everyday because with their help I am now following my dreams, and honestly I don’t think I could have progressed so far without the help of my trainer Namrata Joshi. She has been so helpful and has given so much time and effort so that we all could succeed, she has also made time to discuss with us how we were feeling or if anything was troubling us. she always looked into ways she could help us complete our work with ease, but most all everyday she would great us with a smile, never stop giving us encouragement when she knew when needed it even when we didn’t, and never stopped believing in us when we couldn’t believe in ourselves, and if we pushed back she pushed back harder reminding us why we were doing the course in the first place. I will miss her and ZEST but I will always remember the lessons I have learnt from them and the friends I have made though them, and honestly if I can give you new students one piece of advice. That is to give ZEST a chance because they will without a doubt help you in where you want to go. they will encourage you to do your best and no matter what you will make honest friends that you can rely on even when you have completed the course so from this old student to a new one like yourselves I wish you the best of luck

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