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Why Study At Zest Institute


At Zest institute, we provide flexible, high quality and engaging learner guides that are aimed at assisting students in achieving higher right from the beginning of their learning journey. Zest institute strongly values and believes in providing various learning experiences to a variety of students with different learning styles. Our training consists of interactive learning including online student accounts with study links, videos and instructions, alongside the traditional classroom and peer-based learning. Zest can assure that we provide the utmost focus and quality to the students at our institute.


At Zest, we believe in the ‘Better’ in everything for our students - Better learning, Better access and just Better student learning experience all together. This is exactly why we have implemented flexible learning options, in line with the learning needs for the students of the future. Flexible learning will allow our students to study at their own convenience – anywhere and at any time, whilst still being able to reach out for any support and assistance they may need. All you need is access to internet! Furthermore, each student will also receive a training plan to assist them with keeping track of their incredible online learning journey. We truly believe that in this way, we provide the most optimal opportunity to learn.


Student Growth

YOUR dream is OUR dream! Our staff are highly qualified in assisting you with meeting your academic and career goals. Zest can help you in recognizing your previous work place skills and experiences by transforming them into a nationally recognized qualification. This allows for the students to grow and give them a head start for their future.


Providing necessary, relevant and easily comprehendible information in our selection of courses, whilst creating easy accessibility for all students through the provision of online course material.


Implementation of a user-friendly and supportive student portal, monitoring student assessments and course attendance, providing feedback, and being easily approachable and available for students requiring assistance.

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Walk ‘hand-in-hand’ with our students till the end of their course, whilst working with them and problem-solving any learning obstacles on the way. We will assist them in achieving their goal of ‘course completion’ and acquiring their certificate.

At Zest Institute, our main goal is to create and offer employment and learning opportunities for all students including those with a disability, school based, school-leavers, returning to work and those willing to upskill in a competitive & changing world. We offer nationally accredited courses to suit the individual needs of learners.

Our School-based traineeship (SBT) for students with a disability, offers a combination of academic study and training, along with paid industry experience. This allows the student to engage in work for an employer, and work towards attaining a nationally recognised qualification, which also counts towards their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) points. Our skilled consultants offer 1:1 mentoring and train these individuals, with an aim to provide them with the skills and knowledge to engage in employment.

We also offer Nationally Recognised Qualification based on your work experience. This Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) is an assessment pathway you can utilise to recognise the skills, knowledge and experience gained through work experience, life experiences, training courses and work based training. This is assessed against the evidence requirements of one or more units of competency. For more information Zest Institute RPL Brochure.


What Our Students are Saying

Helena Huszar - School based trainee

"Nam has changed my view of school and life ,she helped me in so many ways in my course. I was basically a high school drop out before I came here now I actually have something to strive for in life."

What Our Students are Saying

Shanna Court - School based trainee

"Honestly if I can give new students one piece of advice; that is to give Zest a chance because they will without a doubt help you in where you want to go, they will encourage you to do your best and no matter what!"

What Our Students are Saying

Samuel Fratus - School based trainee

"Zest helped me overcome my communication barriers in the theory components. Nam had one-on-one session with me about my disability and the challenges I face, which helped me in completing course"