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What our students are saying

Helena Huszar

I was a bit scared coming to a new place where I didn’t know anyone or what I was going to do at ZEST then they explained to me what is was when I got here Nam has changed my point of view on school and life she has helped me in so many ways that I can’t repay her before I stated this trainee ship I didn’t care about school or what I was going to do in life I was basically a high school drop out before I came here now I actually  have something to strive for in life I’m attending school I have a job now I going to training I have noticed that I have I’m learning more in my cores that I’m doing and  I’m on the job I will now be graduating with a cert 3 in hospitality cert 2 in retail and cert 2 in business  and cert 1 in finance and cert 2 in IDMT

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